Programming AI can be complicated.

But it doesn’t have to be.

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Democratizing AI
There are 18 million developers in the world, but only 1 in 1000 have expertise in artificial intelligence.
Bonsai’s suite of tools abstract away the low level details so any developer can program AI.
What is Bonsai?
The world's first programming platform for capturing, sharing and reusing artificial intelligence.
Our Products
Bonsai BRAIN
Build AI at a higher level of abstraction.
A new scripting language for artificial intelligence.
Visually build, test, and deploy your AI solution.
Use Cases
Scale Expertise
Work more intelligently and get more done. Train an AI component on your professional expertise for faster results and deeper analysis.
Advanced Robotics & Simulations
Quickly develop dynamically learned control systems for complex tasks, then train them on a simulation or robotics platform of your choice
Automate Processes
Bonsai's tools let you easily automate any routine process, even those especially painful ones that you've tried and failed to automate in the past.
Apply AI to Applications
With Bonsai, adding intelligence to applications is simple and intuitive. Gain an intelligent edge by implementing AI in any app or service.
Make Smarter Predictions
Encode your expertise in Inkling and easily build machine learning models that generate smarter, more accurate predictions from your data.

For professional programmers writing enterprise code, for hobbyists who see the promise of AI, for entrepreneurs who want to power their products with intelligence. Bonsai unlocks AI for every developer.