Unlocking the power of ai for every developer.

The Bonsai Platform is a fundamentally different approach for developers looking to build intelligent systems. No machine learning expertise required.
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Build smarter applications faster
Bonsai abstracts away the low-level, inner workings of machine learning systems to empower more developers to integrate richer intelligence models into their work.
The Bonsai Platform

If you can code then you can leverage Bonsai to Teach, Connect and Use AI models to build intelligence into your systems and applications.

Bonsai's web interface, and command line tooling, allow users to more efficiently develop programs for, manage, and utilize the AI engine.
The Bonsai AI Engine, & custom Inkling programming language, enables developers to code, generate, and train models to add intelligence into an application or system.
The Bonsai generated API endpoints and SDK allow users to connect applications to, interact with, & analyze the models produced by the Bonsai AI Engine.
why bonsai

With the Bonsai platform you can unlock the power of AI within your software development efforts today, regardless of machine learning expertise.

Build richer models in less time
With Bonsai's unique ability to train multiple concepts you can expand the scope of your AI models, requiring less data, and fewer lines of code.
Easily Debug, Inspect & Refine Your AI
The high level models created within the Bonsai AI Engine enable you to see a causal inference chain detailing what contributed to a prediction, identify conceptual gaps and bugs, and constantly refine training.
Reuse & Share Code
Codifying intelligence at an abstract level within the Bonsai platform enables code reuse. Leverage system libraries, share with the developer ecosystem, and turn your intelligence into an asset with private repositories.
Future Proof Your Work
As deep learning and other machine learning algorithms, architectures, and topologies evolve, your Inkling code stays the same and can be recompiled and retrained to take advantage of low-level technology advances.

For professional programmers writing enterprise code, for hobbyists who see the promise of AI, for entrepreneurs who want to power their products with intelligence. Bonsai unlocks AI for every developer.