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Mark Hammond
Co-founder & CEO

Mark Hammond is co-founder and CEO at Bonsai. Mark has a deep passion for understanding how the mind works and has been thinking about AI throughout his career. Upon graduating from Caltech with a degree in computation and neural systems, Mark went on to positions at Microsoft and numerous startups and academia, including turns at Numenta and the Yale neuroscience department.

Keen Browne
Co-founder & VP Product

Keen Browne is co-founder and Head of Product at Bonsai. Keen has an extensive background with developer tools having worked for 4 years in the developer division at Microsoft on technologies like .NET and Visual Studio. Prior to founding Bonsai, Keen founded ECitySky Ltd, a real time social games platform in Beijing, China where he lived for 7 years.

Dave Cahill

Dave Cahill is the COO at Bonsai, driving the go-to-market strategy, while overseeing the sales, marketing, and operations functions. With a career spanning operating, investor, and analyst roles, Dave brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the position. Prior to Bonsai, he held a number of different roles on the executive team at SolidFire.

Julian Ostrow
VP Customer Success

Julian Ostrow is the Vice President of Customer Success at Bonsai.  Julian has a diverse background, focusing on engineering, platform development, and service delivery methodology.  He comes to Bonsai from SugarCRM, where he established the Enterprise Professional Services global teams and held roles in Customer Support, Engineering, Services, and Product Management.

Marcos Campos
Head of Artificial Intelligence

Marcos Campos is the Head of AI at Bonsai. He has been working at making machine learning and artificial intelligence accessible to a large community of users for over a decade. He has set vision and strategy roadmap for machine learning at Oracle and Uber, focusing on creating scalable and easy to use platforms. He has been awarded over 23 patents for this work.

Shane Arney
Head of Engineering

Shane Arney is the Head of Engineering at Bonsai. Shane has a broad technical background, having worked as an engineer on desktop, web, and mobile products as well as managed a team that built a product for sending millions of outbound IVR, text, and email messages in a few hours window. He has spent much of his career at start-ups, with additional roles at post-IPO and larger companies.

Matthew Haigh
Engineering Manager
Megan Adams
Senior Software Engineer
Ruofan Kong
AI Engineer
Matthew Brown
Senior Software Engineer
Bridget Hickey
Communications Manager
Chetan Desh
Senior Software Engineer
Ross Story
Data Scientist
Ryan Patterson
Software Engineer
Clara Kliman-Silver
UX Designer
Jett Jones
Senior Software Engineer
Darius Garza
Product Designer
Mike Estee
Lead/Senior Software Engineer
Hilary Burgess
Executive & Office Assistant
Aaron Raybin
Director of Marketing Operations
Tod Frye
Principal Technical Fellow
Katherine McAuliffe
Developer Advocate
James Beckman
Senior Automation Engineer
Kelsi Cooke
Marketing Programs & Events Manager
Matineh Shaker
Artificial Intelligence Engineer
Roger Hong
Software Engineer
Aditya Gudimella
Artificial Intelligence Engineer
Jenna Wood
Nicholas Gorski
Senior Software Engineer
Harneet Singh
Senior Technical Product Manager
Victor Shnayder
Product Manager
Cyrill Glockner
Director of Product
Brice Chung
Senior Solutions Manager
Kence Anderson
Sales Engineer
Steve Okay
Robotics Specialist
Sandip Kulkarni
Simulation Specialist
Board and Advisors
Forest Baskett
Board Member
General Partner at New Enterprise Associates
Samir Kumar
Board Member
Managing Director at Microsoft Ventures
Ravi Devesetti
SVP Engineering & Operations at Experian
Ben Fathi
Technical Advisor
Sean Glass
Founder & CEO at GBS Health
Prof. Daeyol Lee
Neurobiology & Psychology at Yale
Prof. James Mazer, PHD
Montana State University
Rosanne Saccone
Chief Marketing Officer at Pentaho
Forest Baskett
Forest Baskett
Forest Baskett
Forest Baskett
Forest Baskett
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