Bonsai: A fundamentally different approach

The unique requirements of Industrial AI quickly outstrip the capabilities of generic solutions

Building application specific AI models requires a combination of domain expertise and powerful machine learning technologies

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Applying a proven approach to a new problem

Just like databases did for data, Bonsai abstracts away the complexity of AI, providing developers with the tools to program concepts unique to a specific problem domain


An AI learns from interacting with a simulation or analyzing recorded data. With Bonsai each AI model is created by following the three steps outlined below.

Step 1: Build
  • Create a BRAIN (a high level model of the concepts to be learned and a set of lessons that can be used to teach them) using Bonsai’s Inkling programming language.
  • Specify any pertinent training sources, such as data or simulations that will be used in conjunction with the lessons as part of teaching the model.
  • Filter data, configure simulations, or otherwise prepare the training materials as appropriate for each lesson.
  • Establish objectives used to evaluate the AI’s mastery of each concept. This is typically a scoring function assessing the quality of the AI’s prediction versus desired results.
  • Load the resulting project (the collection of your Inkling code, data, and simulations) into the Bonsai AI Engine using Bonsai’s CLI, IDE, or web based tooling.
Step 2: Teach
  • Start the training of your BRAIN in the Bonsai AI Engine - this will generate an appropriate low level model for your project (e.g.  a deep learning neural network topology).
  • Assess training status throughout the training of your BRAIN.
  • Refine and iterate your project as desired, rerun training of the BRAIN as needed.
Step 3: Use
  • Connect your BRAIN via Bonsai provided libraries to your software or hardware application (just like you would connect a database to your application).
  • Your application will be able to stream in data and receive predictions from your BRAIN.
  • Your Inkling code can be leveraged in other applications.
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