Build more adaptive, trusted and programmable AI models

Bonsai centralizes the programming, runtime and management of AI models into a single platform.

The Bonsai Platform

Providing developers, data scientists and subject matter experts with the tools to facilitate the complete development lifecycle of an AI model: Build. Teach. Use.


Bonsai's web interface and command line tooling allow users to develop programs for, manage, and utilize the AI engine.


The Bonsai CLI allows users to integrate the Bonsai AI Engine into their existing tool chain, build process, and 3rd party Integrated Development Environments.

Web Interface

The Bonsai Web Interface allows programmers to analyze, profile, and manage AI models.

Training Sources

Move beyond training exclusively with data. The Bonsai AI Engine has been expressly designed to integrate with generators and simulators.


The Bonsai AI Engine and Inkling programming language enable developers to code, generate and train AI models, independent of any specific backend algorithms or libraries.


A special purpose AI programming language designed to represent AI in terms of what you want to teach instead of the low level mechanics of how it is learned.

The Bonsai AI Engine

The AI Engine abstracts away and automates the low-level mechanics of AI. Inkling programs are fed into the Bonsai AI Engine in order to generate and train appropriate models.


A BRAIN is the compiled and trained AI model produced, hosted, and managed within the AI Engine. Each BRAIN is available for debugging, refinement, and reuse.


The Bonsai generated API endpoints and SDK allow users to connect applications to, interact with, and analyze the models produced by the Bonsai AI Engine.


Your applications uses your BRAIN via the Bonsai AI Engine, just as it would use a database. Use the SDK to connect, and stream your data to the Bonsai AI Engine, and get intelligent synchronous or event based predictions and behavior in your application.


Bonsai's SDK enables users to connect their simulators and generators into the AI Engine. It is also the tool developers use to natively integrate with their existing application.


Bonsai's HTTP Application Programming Interface (API) enables developers to interact with the Bonsai Artificial Intelligence Engine to create, train, share, and analyze BRAINs.

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