Use Cases

Program greater control & optimization into your systems & business processes

Expanding the reach of autonomous systems through intelligent, adaptive control

Non-routine control scenarios expose systems to larger and more difficult to navigate problem spaces that demand more adaptive controls. Due to the inherent complexity of low-level AI tools, only an extremely small subset of experts and data scientists can build these dynamic systems today.

Example Applications
  • Robotics
  • ‍Autonomous Vehicles
  • ‍Drone Manufacturing & Operation
  • ‍Factory Line Automation
  • ‍Smart Sensors/Smart Meters
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Driving Competitive Advantage & Market Disruption Through AI-Enabled Business Process Optimization

Modeling and optimizing all the different dimensions and variables within any strategic business process quickly outruns the time, budget, and skill-set of many developers and enterprises.

Example Applications
  • Customer & Employee Satisfaction (e.g. Queue Wait Times, Customer Service, Patient Care, Worker Productivity)
  • Operations (e.g. Manufacturing Process, HVAC Systems, Assembly Line Output)
  • Planning (e.g. Urban Planning, Retail Location & Layout analysis, Capacity planning, Inventory Management, Disaster planning)
  • Route Optimization (e.g. Network Optimization, Public Transportation, Traffic Patterns)
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