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Program AI models to improve efficiency of critical business operations

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At the heart of every business there are critical systems and processes driving operations across functions including manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, customer service, and resource management. The continuous testing, refinement and optimization of the many variables, behaviors and configurations that drive the outputs of these systems could lead to significant competitive advantage, productivity improvements, and cost savings.

Examples of real world applications that could see increased efficiency from optimized decision support include:

Despite the availability of potentially impactful technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), the biggest challenge for any enterprise looking to optimize any one of these systems up to now has been the breadth and complexity of the effort. Manually modeling and optimizing every variable within multi-dimensional business systems, such as a supply chain, logistics or HVAC, quickly outruns the time, budget and skillset of many development teams. With Bonsai you can leverage internal skills and expertise to program AI models to improve prediction accuracy and real time decision support, resulting in greater operational efficiency from these sophisticated industrial systems.

The Bonsai Platform

Bonsai abstracts the complexity of machine learning libraries like TensorFlow, enabling an enterprise to build AI models that optimize decision support without requiring an advanced degree in machine learning. The Bonsai Platform provides developers, data scientists and subject matter experts with the tools to more effectively program and manage AI models that are informed by an enterprise's unique domain and subject matter expertise. In a continually evolving environment like a modern city, for example, your organization's intelligence around urban planning is your asset; incorporating this into your models to, for example, balance parking space allocation with vehicle and pedestrian traffic is a task for your transport planning experts and developers, allowing your data scientists to focus on research using statistical analysis. With Bonsai’s programming language, runtime and tooling, enterprises can more efficiently build application specific AI models that enhance decision support, and drive increased operational efficiency from these sophisticated industrial systems.

Build, Teach, Use

Using Bonsai, AI models are programed and deployed using the following Build, Teach, Use sequence outlined below:




Key Benefits

The Bonsai Platform brings together state of the art techniques in machine teaching and machine learning, providing developers, data scientists and subject matter experts with the tools to teach the desired intelligence to a system, while automating the complex, low level mechanics of machine learning. Using Bonsai, enterprises can more efficiently build application specific AI models that increase the automation and operational efficiency of sophisticated industrial systems.

Specific benefits to be realized from using the Bonsai platform to program your AI models include:

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