AI could be one of the most impactful technologies of our time

To capture the full impact AI can have on solving real business problems, the technologies that make up AI must be far more accessible to developers

A fundamentally different approach is required

Current solutions force unnecessary tradeoffs

The Bonsai Platform

Unlock the power of AI within your software development efforts today

The Bonsai platform enables developers to add intelligence to a specific system or business process without requiring extensive expertise in complex AI algorithms

Build richer models in less time
With Bonsai's unique ability to train multiple concepts you can expand the scope of your AI models, requiring less data, and fewer lines of code.
Debug, inspect & refine your AI
The high level models created within the Bonsai AI Engine enable you to easily audit what contributed to a prediction, identify conceptual gaps and bugs, and constantly refine training.
Reuse & share code
Codifying intelligence at an abstract level within the Bonsai platform enables code reuse. Leverage system libraries, share with the developer ecosystem, and turn your intelligence into an asset with private repositories.
Future proof your work
As deep learning and other machine learning algorithms, architectures, and topologies evolve, your code stays the same and can be recompiled and retrained to take advantage of low-level technology advances.
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