AI can drive significant business impact, but we must bridge the gap

There is a lack of talent and tools that can combine subject matter expertise with complex machine learning technologies to build application specific AI models.

Alternative approaches force unnecessary tradeoffs

Unlock the power of AI within your software development efforts today

Bonsai brings together state of the art techniques in machine teaching and machine learning, enabling enterprises to more effectively program and manage AI models

AI-enable your development team
Bonsai allows developers to focus on programming concepts unique to a specific problem domain, leaving the management of complex, low level AI mechanics to the Bonsai AI Engine
Reuse and share your code and models
Programming of intelligence at a higher level of abstraction enables code and model reuse. System libraries and shared models can be leveraged across development teams.
Debug, inspect & refine your AI
The high level models produced by Bonsai enable you to understand what contributed to a prediction, identify conceptual gaps and bugs, and constantly refine your models.
Build models independent of the underlying algorithm
As machine learning and deep learning algorithms evolve, your Inkling code can be recompiled and retrained to take advantage of low-level technology advances.
Host and collaborate on existing models
Interoperability with existing machine learning models allows data scientists to expand the functionality of the platform, and extend these capabilities for use by your development teams.
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